Above and beyond ! We  ( me, my husband and granddaughter) were 300 miles from home and needed a starter for our car. Annmarie, owner Sean and Robert all stayed beyond closing time ( Unheard of these days) to make sure our car was fixed properly and safe to travel. A million thanks to them for their excellent and personalized service.


Want to know about amazing customer service? I take our cars to Middletown Car Care for routine service. I was there yesterday afternoon for an oil change. Waiting in the office is always a joy with Ann Marie! She and the rest of the employees take an interest in getting to know you as a person not just a customer. That is enough these days to keep coming back! But, later that evening as I was running errands, the car started shaking. I looked at the clock…5:20pm. Called just to leave a message when Sean answered! I told him what was going on and he says, “Hang tight I’m coming to meet you!” And then he came to where I was and fixed the problem, a loose air filter screw. Simple fix but outstanding business owner! We will be customers for a very very long time!

Crystal G

I’ve now taken my car to Middletown Car Care three times — once for a basic oil change, once to ask a question about my tire pressure light coming on, and then finally to have the issue with the tire pressure light fixed. I’ve been really impressed with how helpful and generous with their time the folks who work there have been. When i stopped in to ask about my tire pressure light having come on, I didn’t have an appointment, but since I needed to be driving some distance the next day, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have a problem. One of the gentlemen came out and checked the pressure on each of my tires to make sure it would be okay to continue to drive, and gave me a sense of what might be causing the problem. When I subsequently made the appointment to have the issue with the tire pressure light corrected, and it turned out to be simply a matter of correcting the tire inflation, I wasn’t charged — nothing at all! — for the visit, even though they had taken the time to check it over and determine there wasn’t really a substantive problem. I haven’t had the tire pressure light come on since, despite major temperature fluctuations over the last two months. I’ll definitely be taking my car back here for future maintenance and repairs.

Emily P

We just moved to the area and my son’s truck broke down.  Not knowing anyone we took a chance and chose Middletown Car Care. They were fast and straight forward. The cost was what I expected and the workmanship was great. Very happy with their service and hours. Reminds me of the family operated business from back home. I plan to keep this business as my new car maintenance place to go.

Dave P

I brought my 2010 Ford Escape in for repair. The staff was friendly and prompt.  Everything was explained to me step by step. I felt that the gentlemen were knowledgeable and fair.  They were able to fix the problem with the air conditioner.  I was told that other maintenance was required. So the parts were ordered and a follow up appointment was scheduled for the same week. This business took great care of my vehicle versus my experience with the dealership.

Brooke C

Middletown Car Care has been taking care of our cars for years. I originally found them because my dealer told me I needed a $1,700 repair when my engine light came on. Sean fixed it for $70. They are always friendly and helpful and will try to fit you in when your time is tight. I once failed an inspection, drove directly here, they fixed my problem on the spot and I turned around and went back to the DMV and got back in line. Another time they stayed late to fix a problem because I was leaving for vacation in the morning. They tell you what you need to have done immediately, what can wait and if there is a way to do something cheaper. They are honest and go the extra mile to help.

When your car is broken, its stressful.  You need your car and you don’t want to overpay.  They get that.  That’s why I come here.

Kay C

The people at Middletown car care are amazing. On Christmas Eve, my mother had issues with her car after she picked up my sisters family at the train station…. With one phone call, they waited for her to arrive, changed her battery after finding it was the cause… And said don’t worry come pay for it Monday. Ann-Marie is always amazing on the phone, helping you get set up. Great service!!!

Ann-Marie Baker

Called for same day apt and got one! Then they called me when they had a cancellation to see if I wanted to come in earlier. Very friendly lady at front desk! My car is on its last leg and they even took the time to write down suggestions of cars that fit my driving/life style. Above and beyond service!

Christine Gibson

The personal, professional treatment we get any time we bring a car to Middletown Car Care is why we keep coming back. Whether I need an appointment for a specific day that works best for our busy family schedule or I call with a panicked “Help–I am going away tomorrow and a light just came on!”, they have been extremely accommodating. Ann Marie is always friendly and helpful on the phone. When I brought a car in that I wanted to know if it would be a good starter car for my 16 year old daughter, Sean looked it over as if his own child would be driving it. They are always honest, trustworthy and efficient. When they call to explain what is wrong with the car, they always take the time to explain it to me in terms I can understand. From an oil change to a tune up to everything in between, I trust all of my cars to Middletown Car Care because I know they will do the job right and stand behind what they have done. I am very happy to have them on my side.

Trish M

The staff here are always friendly and honest and they always take care of my vehicles.

Winslow Smith